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TONE Receives 2017 AONE Chapter Achievement Award

The AONE Affiliate Achievement Award recognizes an AONE Affiliate that promotes nursing leadership and its influence in the areas of the advancement of nursing practice, patient safety and quality, recruitment and retention, or another priority initiative for that particular state or region, and that can serve as a model for other states or regions with similar interests.



Texas Hospital Association End of Session Report

The Texas Hospital Association's end-of-session report for the 85th Legislature is available now. TONE would like to extend their thanks to the Texas Hospital Association for its continuing and outstanding support for legislation affecting Texas Nurse Leaders.

Enhancing Holistic Approach: Spirituality in Nursing to Alleviate Stress among Patients
Health is viewed as a holistic concept. A person’s wellbeing should incorporate physical, cultural, emotional, social and spiritual elements. Today, healthcare is both faster and advanced and nursing is oriented towards task- accomplishment.
What's This Generation Coming To?
LeAnn’s first job, at the age of 20, found her working with an "old" nurse (she had to be 50!) who lovingly called her BRAT. LeAnn, in turn, called her POSTEN, short for Poor Old Sick and Tired Elderly Nurse! In this fun, entertaining, highly educational session, we all learnt traits of the four generations of nurses and identify ways you and others can relate to, cope with, and even appreciate the differences.