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Workplace Violence Report

A new report has been published by the Texas Department of State Health Services

Committee and Task Force Member Volunteers

The TONE Board of Directors would like to extend their appreciation to all of the Committee and Task Force Member Volunteers for 2016!

Influencing Innovation
by Bonnie Clipper DNP, RN, MA, MBA, CENP, FACHE. CTONE President
Nurse leaders are actively involved in transforming health care and health care policy while working towards the goals of improving patient outcomes, reducing the cost of care and improving access to care.
Quality and Safety Goals in Healthcare
By Lupe Puente BSN, RN, District 8 Board Member TONE, President SCTONE
Personal commitment is imperative when it comes to quality and safety. The level of accountability has to begin by each member of the healthcare team recognizing we have to hold each other personally responsible for quality care and safe patient care.