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TONL History

The 1960's

The Texas Society for Hospital Nursing Service Administrators was first organized on September 27, 1968.  The first Board Meeting of the newly organized society was held on November 12, 1968.  By this time 162 charter memberships had been processed.  The Board of Directors set the Society's annual meeting date during the Annual Convention of the Texas Hospital Association, with the first annual meeting scheduled for May 20-21, 1969, in Dallas.

The 1970's

In the 1970's membership continued to grow.  A special committee was established to study Trends in Nursing and to function as a sub-committee for the Study of Nursing and Nursing Education.  In 1973, TSHNSA was the largest of the Texas Hospital Associations' affiliate societies and continued to grow with a membership of 273.  In 1974, communication with the Council of Deans and Directors of Schools for Nursing for the State of Texas was established.  The Liaison Committee of the TSHNSA Committee of Education with the Council of Deans and Directors met twice in 1975.  The basic objectives of this committee were to establish continuing dialogue with nursing educators and nursing service administrators.  This committee was to work toward identifying problems and finding solutions.  A Survey to Assess Performance of New Graduates from RN Educational Programs was reviewed.  A member of the Board was appointed to the Board of Nurse Examiners to develop a working paper on proposed standards for nursing practice.  In the late 1970's the Society assisted the Steering Committee for formation of the Oklahoma Society of Nursing Service Administrators at their invitation.  The Board also reviewed proposed JCAHO standards for Nursing Service and recommended changes.  The new standards were approved by JCAHO with TSHNSA's recommendations incorporated.

The 1980's

For the first time the membership grew to over 400.  The nurse shortage was growing and recruitment efforts were increasing.  The workshops that were held were specifically geared to meet current problems and issues in nursing administration.  They included topics such as Patient Classification Systems, Motivation and Retention, Integration and Retention of Professional New Graduates.  The mid 1980's held many changes for the organization.  The stated goal was to increase communication with other organizations and to address and actively participate in the development of solutions to many practice issues.  The organization members participated in numerous activities that have increased the visibility and extended the effectiveness of the organization.  Testimony was provided at the BNE meeting and members served on committees concering proposed rules on Delegation of Tasks by RN's to Unlicensed Personnel, the Nurse Advocacy Committee, the Committee on Competencies for the Two Levels of Nursing Practice, and Education Planning meetings with the Councils of Deans and Directors of Nursing Schools in Texas.  It was during this time that the Nursing Administrators set the "tone" for the hospitals major commitment to quality patient care, so had the TSHNSA members who supported a name change of the Society to Texas Organization of Nurse Executives - TONE.  In the late 1980's, COHN (Committee on Hospital Nursing) Task Force on Education was initiated, as a result of concerns from the TNA developments on competencies of the two levels of nursing.  The charge of the task force was to develop a list of basic skills that would be required for any nurse regardless of educational programming.  TONE co-sponsored a program with the Deans and Directors of the RN schools.  The subject matter was techniques of marketing, recruitment and retention of nursing staffs.  The education committee also began discussion on special education programs for middle managers.  In 1988, Genevieve Meadow was the elected president.  She was the first president to represent TONE on the COPD (Council of Policy Development) as a non-voting member.

The 1990's

In the early 1990's the bylaws were revised to include middle manager membership eligibility.  There was a thrust to increase membership, involve and provide educational offerings to this category.  TONE continued to have representation on the BNE committees of Advanced Practitioners and Continuing Education Advisory.  TONE also participated in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Boards' Committee on Nursing Education.

A mission statement was added to the bylaws.  THA developed a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Nursing Shortage to address policy issues relating to manpower shortages.  This group was a multidisciplinary group charged with reviewing what needed to be done about the nursing shortage.  At this time, an Executive Board formed consisting of the President, Past President, President-elect, Education Committee Chairman and Chairman of Nurse Managers.  The Ways and Means Committee was developed to be responsible for sponsorships.  It would be a subcommittee to the Education Committee.  It was decided that TONE Board Members would take care of their own travel arrangements as a cost containment measure.

TONE had position papers on the following

  • BSN vs. Associate Degree Nursing
  • Continuing Education
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

By-law revisions were as follows:

  • Dissolving Past President Advisory Committee Annual Meeting
  • The Board to meet four times a year
  • No travel expenses paid for by the Board
  • Board member will chair committees
  • Bylaws reviewed biennially
  • Board members missing meetings
  • Standing Committees - Bylaws, Legislative, Ways and Means

A delegation of board members met with HONE (Houston Organization of Nurse Executives) to share our position on nursing issues and to solicit theirs in an effort to join forces for advocacy issues.  TONE published its first regularly scheduled newsletter.  The editor and chair of the TONE TIMES was Judy Polasek.  TONE supported THA Foundations' involvement with LINC through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Texas had been selected as a pilot site and has been awarded grant monies.  There were plans for ten sites to be selected by the end of 1994.  TONE worked closely with the COPD in developing advocacy initiatives.  THA focused on working to develop Physicians Hospital Organizations (PHO's), Medicaid contracting, TB regulations conflicting between OSHA and TDH health care reform and proposed Medicare cuts.  New TONE members will be oriented prior to the annual convention board meeting.

A TONE advocacy network and a telephone flow chart were developed.  In 1994, Deanna McKinney served TONE as a president.  Total membership was maintained in the 400's.  During this year, THA began a restructuring process, which led them to no longer offering management services to the affiliated societies.  THA and TONE had a 27 year relationship.  Membership discussion points included the following:

  • THA relationship with TNA
  • TONE image
  • Creating a confederation or forum of nursing leaders throughout the state under TONE
  • Changes at AONE and their impact on chapters educational programming not meeting the needs of executives
  • Informing membership of transition

THA offered to assist the societies in transferring to other management options.  As a result of the changes in management structure, extensive bylaw revisions were made relating to THA references.  New membership criteria was developed and approved.  Active members could be nurse executives, directors and nurse managers.  Associate members would be faculty in graduate nursing administration programs, deans and directors of schools for nursing, executive directors of TONE, consultants in healthcare nursing administration/practice, employees of health care regulatory agencies (JCAHO, TDH), editors of professional journals, directors or nursing agencies and nurses who were students enrolled in relevant degree programs with a career path in nursing administration.  Honorary memberships would be considered for the retired members who had contributed to the organization.  The president and president-elect should be currently employed in health care setting as the chief executive of line positions.  TONE was very pleased to recognize the Panhandle Organization of Nurse Executives as a chapter of TONE.  In 1995, TONE transitioned, formed alliances and prioritized.  Advocacy, education and communications continue to be paramount for the organization.  Judy Polasek was President of TONE during the year.  The HONE and Alamo ONE presidents sat on the TONE Board and were voting members.  Valerie Kiper was elected President of TONE for 1996-1997.  TONE continued collaborative effors with TNA and met in a second combined meeting prior to the 75th legislative session to discuss issues affecting the nursing profession and the potential legislative issued to be confronted during the session.  The end of the 90's the TONE board decided to host a Golf Tournament which would be held in El Paso, Texas.  Thanks to Sally Hurt who is a TONE Board member and an avid golfer, we were able to have our first tournament.  Weather wise it was a disaster (they kept telling us it never rains in El Paso) however, financially we did great.  We also decided to make this an annual event.

The Year 2000 and Beyond

These have been very active times for TONE.  We have developed a website.  Through accessing this site one can learn more about the organization.  The TONE TIMES continues to be our communication tool for our membership.  We have been active in education programs for our members.  It was a Legislative Review that was presented in 4 different areas of the state.  Jo Rake was elected as President for this year.  For the year 2001, Cyndy Dunlap was elected as President with Sally Hurt as President Elect.  TONE in collaboration with HONE presented an educational conference in Houston.  The presenter was Quint Studor.  The conference was a tremendous success with approximately 390 people attending.  As we look to our future we are striving to increase our membership and working on providing future educational programs.  The target audience for Spring Educational Programs is Nurse Managers with a one day workshop on Nursing Management.  TONE will continue to strive to provide legislative updates to our membership, education programs that meet their needs and also a forum for discussion on topics such as new regulatory measures, JCAHO surveys, etc.  We are committed to our mission statement: