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A Letter From the President - Dr. Tim Howell
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Welcome to the beginning of our fiscal year for the Texas Organization of Nurse Executives (TONE) and the time when our leadership positions rotate. I am honored to be your president and accept the responsibility to build on the outstanding organization that TONE has become.

I have been a member of TONE for over a decade and a member of the board since 2010. I have always been proud to be a part of an organization dedicated to improving my leadership skills and connecting me to nurse leaders across the state. I have enjoyed getting to know the TONE nurse leaders and the frequent sharing of innovation when evidence did not exist.

Another opportunity TONE has given us is involvement in the Texas State Legislature. Consistent with TONE’s mission “to represent nurse leaders in Texas who improve healthcare through collaboration and innovation,” TONE members are often asked by the Texas Hospital Association and other organizations to comment on various proposed legislation. Nurse leaders from across Texas are well-prepared to guide legislators with the knowledge of what would be best on behalf of nurses and, ultimately, their patients. I look forward to the upcoming legislative session for Texas in the spring of 2019 and the opportunities that will bring to improve the laws governing healthcare in our communities.

The TONE objectives located in our bylaws are:

  1. To provide a mechanism for the interchange of ideas and dissemination of information and materials relative to nursing service administration and management.
  2. To provide a forum for healthcare nurse leaders to speak to issues relevant to nursing.
  3. To promote educational programs dealing with current issues relevant to nursing administration and healthcare issues.
  4. To promote nursing leader participation in TONE education programs and other professional activities to develop and refine management skills.
  5. To work to impact legislative changes that affect healthcare in the state of Texas.
  6. To collaborate with other nursing groups and healthcare entities to facilitate professional development for the growth and advancement of nursing practice and patient care.
  7. To work with the state licensing board and healthcare agencies on legislative changes that affect nursing practice.
  8. To participate in the development of standards of nursing practice.

We achieve these objectives through the regional chapter meetings, our annual conference, webinars, participation in state-level organizations and our TONE committees. There are multiple opportunities to lead, serve and learn through these structures, and I encourage you to find one or more to be involved in. I appreciate those who are now leading these structures, and I know they make member involvement a rewarding experience.

The most recent TONE board meetings were dedicated to strategic planning and goal setting for the next five to six years. The initial steps involve growth at the chapter level. The (11) TONE chapters across the state are performing an analysis of which organizations are represented in their current membership and setting goals to grow their membership from new organizations. Our membership today is composed primarily from acute-care facilities, but there remains a local chapter opportunity to invite nurse leaders from other healthcare organizations not currently represented within their membership.

Our rapidly changing healthcare environment creates challenges for our patients throughout the continuum of care. I believe the nurse leaders of TONE can be an empowering force within our communities to improve patient experiences. I know we compete on a local level to attract and retain staff and patients. TONE can help smooth organizational barriers through its objectives and innovation sharing when evidence does not exist.

We all have the same goal: an organization that contributes to great patient care and experiences. The TONE collaboration and innovation helps to achieve that goal.

Dr. Tim Howell, DNP, RN, CENP
TONE President