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Workplace Violence Report
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A new report has been published by the Texas Department of State Health Services – Workplace Violence Against Nurses in Texas.

This study was done per House Bill 2696, 84th Texas Legislature, 2015 Regular Session.  It allowed the Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies to conduct a study on workplace violence against nurses in hospitals, freestanding emergency medical care facilities, nursing facilities, and home health agencies.  This study will be shared with the Texas Legislature session in 2017. 

The study consisted of a survey of individual nurses and a survey of employers of nurses. The individual nurse survey was distributed to a sample of 7,759 RNs and LVNs. It included questions related to how frequently a nurse experienced violence in the workplace over the past 12 months and over the course of their career, information on the most recent violent event perpetrated against them, and how they rate their current employer in terms of safety and effectiveness at managing and preventing workplace violence. The employer survey was distributed to 2,762 hospitals, nursing facilities, home health agencies, and freestanding emergency medical care facilities. It included questions related to practices and strategies used by their organizations to prevent workplace violence against nurses.

The study found that most nurses had experienced some kind of violent act in the workplace in the past 12 months. Verbal abuse was the most common type of workplace violence experienced by nurses. Patients were the most commonly reported group to commit violent acts against nurses. The majority of facilities responded that their organization has implemented a program or policy that includes prevention of workplace violence against nurses. The most common type of workplace violence prevention training nurses reported receiving was workplace violence awareness training. Most facilities’ policies included workplace violence prevention training, assessment of work areas for risk factors, required reporting of incidents, and investigation of reported incidents.